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   6-inch wide patio coping for vinyl liner swimming pools. It comes in 2 parts, a top section and a bottom section. The bottom section is aluminum and screws down to the top of the pool wall, and has a track to hold your vinyl liner. The top section is white plastic/pvc and snaps into place. This coping has 2 tracks, one for the liner and one for a winter cover. If you choose not to get a winter cover, you can put a filler strip in the top track or you can put the liner in the top track.  
Part# ES11068: Flexible Aluminum Coping For Vinyl Liner Pools, Single Track, Notched, Available in Gloss White, Light Gray, Dark Gray. Also Available in double track for winter cover and with fiber-optic track.

Part# ES12981: Flexible Aluminum Coping For Fiberglass Pools. Notched, Available in Gloss White, Tan or Dark Gray. More info...

VASTEC Coping Shims. Place these under the coping tabs to level the coping. You can shim the coping up to 1 full inch to correct for a pool that is slightly off-level, or to leave more of your waterline tile exposed.

  VASTEC Coping Tape. After you install your coping, put this tape on the face of the coping to protect it from damage while pouring and finishing your concrete deck. Makes cleanup fast and easy!  
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